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Interviewed about Toronto gun violence in Globe & Mail

The Globe & Mail’s Adrian Morrow interviewed me about the issue of gun violence in Toronto for this piece, “New attitude dismisses code of the street-gang world.” He quotes me on the role of police and a subject that was … Continue reading

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The Star connects shooting, hip-hop and Hennessy

The Star’s Antonia Zerbisias found a way to reintroduce hip-hop into the dialogue surrounding gun violence in the streets of Toronto. Concentrating on the French cognac brand Hennessy and tracing its history, Zerbisias Googles up a bunch of rap quotes, … Continue reading

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Colleague strikes down mandatory minimum sentence

Criminal defence lawyer Jeffrey Mazin struck a blow for Charter rights this month, after he successfully argued to strike down the mandatory minimum sentence for offering to transfer a firearm contained in s. 99 of the Criminal Code. Mazin told … Continue reading

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My Op-Ed about Eaton Centre shooting in Lawyers Weekly

My friend and editor at Lawyers Weekly, Shannon Kari, asked me to write an opinion piece on the Eaton Centre shooting, in light of my experience writing our book on gun culture and violence. I tried to deal with the … Continue reading

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