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Youth advocate opposes phallometric testing

British Columbia’s Representative for Children and Youth, Mary-Ellen Turpin-Lafond has released a report critical of phallometric testing, in which young male sex offenders are played sexual audio and images while penile sensors measure their level of arousal. PPG testing (wiki) … Continue reading

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Law Times: Breath evidence tossed

LT reports on a decision of Ontario Court Judge Rick Libman, who found that police violated an accused’s constitutional rights when they led him to believe that he could be waiting hours in a jail cell if he insisted on … Continue reading

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MMS for gun possession comes under constitutional fire

Last Thursday in Toronto Superior Court, in the case of R. v. Nur, defence counsel from Derstine Penman brought a Charter challenge against the mandatory minimum sentence (MMS) of three years prison under section 95(2)(a)(i) of the Criminal Code for … Continue reading

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CBC: Officer’s ‘spidey sense’ prompts illegal search

CBC reports on a decision of Justice Daryl Labach in Saskatoon, in which evidence of a concealed weapon (homemade brass knuckles) was excluded because the investigating officer based his search of a 16-year-old on his “spidey sense.”

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