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Crime exacts massive social, economic and emotional toll

The Vancouver Sun’s Ian Mulgrew draws attention to a suspect 2008 study available on the Department of Justice website, which sought to assess the intangible costs of crime in Canada, namely the dollar value of pain and suffering endured by … Continue reading

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Gold E. Locks Found Guilty By 2nd-Graders

ABC News reports on the trial of Gold E. Locks for breaking and entering in La Plata County, Colorado. With local lawyers playing the prosecution, defence, and three bears, I just thought this mock trial was cute, but these lucky … Continue reading

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What are Canadians really afraid of when it comes to crime?

The Globe & Mail’s Ian Brown offers a wise and wide-ranging investigation of the tough-on-crime agenda in Canada, its undeniable allure and inescapable problems. One of the few attempts to look closely at the seductiveness of prison-first politics in Canada, … Continue reading

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Fantino talks tough on crime reports on a public talk by newly elected Conservative MP and Minister of State for Seniors, Julian Fantino. Ontario and Toronto’s former top cop echoed the Harper government’s central, unsubstantiated line, stating, “When we talk about do we build … Continue reading

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