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Asset forfeiture efforts ramp up

This article in the Province reports on the British Columbia government’s attempts to increase the forfeiture of assets connected with crime. Asset forfeiture refers to the process by which the government endeavours to confiscate property which it can prove has … Continue reading

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Crime exacts massive social, economic and emotional toll

The Vancouver Sun’s Ian Mulgrew draws attention to a suspect 2008 study available on the Department of Justice website, which sought to assess the intangible costs of crime in Canada, namely the dollar value of pain and suffering endured by … Continue reading

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Poverty doesn’t cause crime — former gangster

An inspiring article by the Jamaica Observer about one man’s life between Jamaica and Canada. Immigrating to Canada at the age of 15, Jermaine Austin reportedly painted the streets of Toronto “blood red” before being sentenced to 10 years in … Continue reading

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Aboriginal incarceration rate looms

Saskatchewan Star-Phoenix columnist, Doug Cuthand, brings first-hand aboriginal perspective to this opinion piece targeting the Harper government’s neglect of native issues. While Cuthand is thankful that the “hillbilly rhetoric” and policies of the old Reform Party have been abandoned, he … Continue reading

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