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Young criminals in Canada victims of federal legislation

The Globe & Mail reports on the potential impact of the Harper Government’s criminal justice reforms for youth offenders. The piece examines the effects of 2002′s Youth Criminal Justice Act, which decreased Canada’s youth incarceration rates, and the imminent passage … Continue reading

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Cali org connects kids with imprisoned parents

It’s hard for anyone to lose a parent. Losing a parent to imprisonment is even harder, particularly for children. Grief, stress and loneliness are compounded by shame, confusion and anger. In terms of the collateral consequences of incarceration, the impact … Continue reading

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Opinions on Canada’s youth justice system all over

One area the Harper Government is sure to target with its upcoming criminal justice reforms is Canada’s youth justice system. The Conservatives have made various promises to toughen up the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA), including removing the option of … Continue reading

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Poverty doesn’t cause crime — former gangster

An inspiring article by the Jamaica Observer about one man’s life between Jamaica and Canada. Immigrating to Canada at the age of 15, Jermaine Austin reportedly painted the streets of Toronto “blood red” before being sentenced to 10 years in … Continue reading

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