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Harper will reshape face of Canada’s top court

(Updated May 16) CTV interviews former law professor, Philip Slayton, about his new book, Mighty Judgment: How the Supreme Court of Canada ruins your life. Although scant attention was paid to the issue, Stephen Harper will exercise arguably his greatest … Continue reading

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Man goes to trial in US for stealing hot dog

In a delicious story of wasted court resources, a man in Washington actually went to trial on theft charges – before a jury no less – for allegedly stealing a .99-cent German sausage from the self-serve counter of his local … Continue reading

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Gold E. Locks Found Guilty By 2nd-Graders

ABC News reports on the trial of Gold E. Locks for breaking and entering in La Plata County, Colorado. With local lawyers playing the prosecution, defence, and three bears, I just thought this mock trial was cute, but these lucky … Continue reading

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Miller-McCune: A Smarter Way to Deal With Drug Offenders

US magazine Miller-McCune reports on the movement stateside to divert more drug offenders away from prison, and a visit to Canada by a former DEA agent and “staunch Republican,” Asa Hutchinson. In an ironic twist, Hutchinson “tried to talk the … Continue reading

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