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Esteemed collective takes stab at ending drug war

The Global Commission on Drug Policy released a report Thursday calling for a radical rethinking of the worldwide war on drugs. With a diverse membership that includes political (Fernando Cardoso), economic (Richard Branson), artistic (Carlos Fuentes) and humanitarian leaders (Louise … Continue reading

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Insite sparks battle between ideology and evidence

The debate over Vancouver’s supervised injection operation, Insite, provides an excellent window into the problem with the Harper Government’s tough-on-crime agenda: Paternalistic demagoguery always trumps evidence, no matter how mountainous. Despite peer-reviewed research showing that Insite has reduced the spread … Continue reading

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Conrad Black: MMS for drug crimes are “dumb”

Lord Black jumps back into his attack on the Cons’ crime agenda, blasting away at the idea of mandatory minimum sentences (MMS) for drug offences in another National Post opinion piece, which he calls “more urgent than ever.” Pointing to … Continue reading

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Medical pot users ‘win equivalent of Stanley Cup’

The Globe & Mail reports on a decision out of Ontario to stay marijuana production and possession charges against Matthew Mernagh, who uses cannabis to treat his seizures and fibromyalgia. The court affirmed Mernagh’s right to access the drug while … Continue reading

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