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Cons seek to make hyperlinking to hate sites a crime

An opinion piece originally published by the Nova Scotia Chronicle-Herald that critiques Bill C-51. The article responds to a legislative summary which states that, under proposals put forward by the Conservative Government, hyperlinking “to a website where hate material is … Continue reading

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ISP surveillance a priority under Harper majority

Allowing police greater authority to compel customer information from Internet Service Providers (ISPs) without a warrant has been a centre-piece of criminal law enforcement reform under the Harper Government. While twin bills aimed to expand such powers died on the … Continue reading

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Youth advocate opposes phallometric testing

British Columbia’s Representative for Children and Youth, Mary-Ellen Turpin-Lafond has released a report critical of phallometric testing, in which young male sex offenders are played sexual audio and images while penile sensors measure their level of arousal. PPG testing (wiki) … Continue reading

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RCMP Taser use again sparks concerns

The Globe & Mail reports on the Tasering of an 11-year-old boy by the RCMP in Prince George, British Columbia. Few specifics of the incident have been released, but the boy allegedly stabbed a 37-year-old man before he was Tasered … Continue reading

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