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Insite sparks battle between ideology and evidence

The debate over Vancouver’s supervised injection operation, Insite, provides an excellent window into the problem with the Harper Government’s tough-on-crime agenda: Paternalistic demagoguery always trumps evidence, no matter how mountainous. Despite peer-reviewed research showing that Insite has reduced the spread … Continue reading

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Conrad Black: MMS for drug crimes are “dumb”

Lord Black jumps back into his attack on the Cons’ crime agenda, blasting away at the idea of mandatory minimum sentences (MMS) for drug offences in another National Post opinion piece, which he calls “more urgent than ever.” Pointing to … Continue reading

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Man goes to trial in US for stealing hot dog

In a delicious story of wasted court resources, a man in Washington actually went to trial on theft charges – before a jury no less – for allegedly stealing a .99-cent German sausage from the self-serve counter of his local … Continue reading

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The Don Jail: Inside a “legendary correctional hellhole”

The Globe & Mail’s Kirk Makin provides a rare look into one of Canada’s most notorious correctional facilities, the Don Jail, a.k.a. the Toronto Jail. Opened in 1864, the Don was the first and last Canadian prison to execute offenders. … Continue reading

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