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MMS threat has Nunavut jailers nervous

CBC interviews Nunavut’s director of corrections, Jean-Pierre Deroy, about the present status and imminent future of corrections within Canada’s newest territory. Nunavut’s main correctional facility, the Baffin Correctional Centre, was designed to hold 66, but currently houses 90, with 21 … Continue reading

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Conrad Black: MMS for drug crimes are “dumb”

Lord Black jumps back into his attack on the Cons’ crime agenda, blasting away at the idea of mandatory minimum sentences (MMS) for drug offences in another National Post opinion piece, which he calls “more urgent than ever.” Pointing to … Continue reading

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California’s 3-Strikes: “Worst criminal law in the country”

The San Francisco Chronicle covers the history of California’s notorious AB 971, a.k.a. the Three Strikes and You’re Out legislation, which was signed into force by Governor Pete Wilson in 1994. With 8,700 inmates now serving life sentences statewide under … Continue reading

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Smart on crime does not mean mandatory minimums

The head of my former employer, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA), takes aim at the issue of mandatory minimum sentences for drug crimes. Drawing on the failure of such an approach stateside, Nathalie Des Rosiers comments that “Canadians shouldn’t … Continue reading

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