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Cali org connects kids with imprisoned parents

It’s hard for anyone to lose a parent. Losing a parent to imprisonment is even harder, particularly for children. Grief, stress and loneliness are compounded by shame, confusion and anger. In terms of the collateral consequences of incarceration, the impact … Continue reading

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Grasping at the human side of mass incarceration

Much has been made of the Conservative push stateside for prison reform. Where “soft-on-crime” statements have historically sounded a death knell for politicians – with Republicans the frequent beneficiaries – US Conservatives are now generating significant political capital under the … Continue reading

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MMS threat has Nunavut jailers nervous

CBC interviews Nunavut’s director of corrections, Jean-Pierre Deroy, about the present status and imminent future of corrections within Canada’s newest territory. Nunavut’s main correctional facility, the Baffin Correctional Centre, was designed to hold 66, but currently houses 90, with 21 … Continue reading

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Yoga reduces recidivism

An interesting Toronto Star story about an 87-year-old Catholic nun and Zen master, Sister Elaine MacInnes, who’s spend decades teaching yoga and meditation techniques to prisoners. MacInnes is the founder of Freeing the Human Spirit, which delivers such programming in … Continue reading

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