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Colleague strikes down mandatory minimum sentence

Criminal defence lawyer Jeffrey Mazin struck a blow for Charter rights this month, after he successfully argued to strike down the mandatory minimum sentence for offering to transfer a firearm contained in s. 99 of the Criminal Code. Mazin told … Continue reading

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Young criminals in Canada victims of federal legislation

The Globe & Mail reports on the potential impact of the Harper Government’s criminal justice reforms for youth offenders. The piece examines the effects of 2002′s Youth Criminal Justice Act, which decreased Canada’s youth incarceration rates, and the imminent passage … Continue reading

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Omnibus allows Cons’ to unlock privacy without debate

The Harper Government has done so much politicking around toughening up Canada’s criminal justice system, it’s been hard to keep track of their many promises. For complete summaries of the Cons’ proposed changes to the criminal law – which they … Continue reading

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Grasping at the human side of mass incarceration

Much has been made of the Conservative push stateside for prison reform. Where “soft-on-crime” statements have historically sounded a death knell for politicians – with Republicans the frequent beneficiaries – US Conservatives are now generating significant political capital under the … Continue reading

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