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The Star connects shooting, hip-hop and Hennessy

The Star’s Antonia Zerbisias found a way to reintroduce hip-hop into the dialogue surrounding gun violence in the streets of Toronto. Concentrating on the French cognac brand Hennessy and tracing its history, Zerbisias Googles up a bunch of rap quotes, … Continue reading

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Media reconnects guns and hip-hop

I had linked to an earlier Toronto Star story about the trial of a Toronto rapper, P.Reign, on gun charges. While P.’s lawyer, Eddie Greenspan, was apparently unsuccessful with his various Charter applications, the defence still achieved the desired result, … Continue reading

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Beastie Boys bounce back with album

My review of the Beastie Boys album, Hot Sauce Committee Part 2, for the Toronto Star. Cancer shmancer! MCA returns from treatment to join his old cronies and bring the heat. This album probably deserved four stars, but I’m always … Continue reading

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The Star: Toronto rapper’s lawyer alleges racial profiling in gun case

The Toronto Star’s crime writer, Betsy Powell, reports on an alleged “racial profiling” case, where the accused, an aspiring rapper, is represented by the renowned Edward Greenspan. Powell, author of the recent Bad Seeds (CTV), reports that Greenspan, in a … Continue reading

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