Alex Himelfarb: True North becoming ‘wrong and mean’

The Mark features a lengthy critique of the Harper Government’s plans to reshape Canada’s justice system (more at National Post and Huffington Post) by York University professor and former Privy Council clerk, Alex Himelfarb. Blogging here, Himelfarb’s strike is coherent and comprehensive. More than that, he delivers about the closest thing you’ll get to a cri-de-couer from us hyper-rational Canucks.

Discomfited by the mass acquiescence, Professor Himelfarb writes, “Whether through our active support or our indifferent silence we are all participating in a watershed moment for Canada without so much as a tough conversation. And it matters; it matters for our safety and it matters for the kind of country we are becoming.”

Until now, coverage of the tough-on-crime agenda has been limited to reports by all-too-objective journos and the odd Post editorial by Conrad Black. Despite the significance of what is being proposed, what the prison push will cost us socially and economically, and despite the turning tide in the US, few Canadians are really asking, “What the hell is going on here?!”

Cheers to Professor Himelfarb for pitching the question – albeit in far more eloquent terms – at an absolutely critical time.