Young criminals in Canada victims of federal legislation

The Globe & Mail reports on the potential impact of the Harper Government’s criminal justice reforms for youth offenders. The piece examines the effects of 2002′s Youth Criminal Justice Act, which decreased Canada’s youth incarceration rates, and the imminent passage of Bill C-4, which will no doubt have a converse result. Continue reading

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Cali org connects kids with imprisoned parents

It’s hard for anyone to lose a parent. Losing a parent to imprisonment is even harder, particularly for children. Grief, stress and loneliness are compounded by shame, confusion and anger. In terms of the collateral consequences of incarceration, the impact on children is as severe as it is neglected. This recent CNN story focuses on the non-profit organization Get on the Bus, which helps children visit their parents in prison. Continue reading

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Omnibus allows Cons’ to unlock privacy without debate

The Harper Government has done so much politicking around toughening up Canada’s criminal justice system, it’s been hard to keep track of their many promises. For complete summaries of the Cons’ proposed changes to the criminal law – which they have promised to pass en masse within 100 days of taking a majority hold on power – see these stories by the Globe & Mail, National Post, and the Huffington Post. Continue reading

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Esteemed collective takes stab at ending drug war

The Global Commission on Drug Policy released a report Thursday calling for a radical rethinking of the worldwide war on drugs. With a diverse membership that includes political (Fernando Cardoso), economic (Richard Branson), artistic (Carlos Fuentes) and humanitarian leaders (Louise Arbour), the Commission labels the drug war a “failure” and recommends “major reforms to the global drug prohibition regime.” Continue reading

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